Become What You Are (1993)

The Juliana Hatfield Three

  1. Supermodel
  2. My Sister
  3. This Is The Sound
  4. For The Birds
  5. Mabel
  6. A Dame With A Rod
  7. Addicted
  8. Feelin' Massachusetts
  9. Spin The Bottle
  10. President Garfield
  11. Little Pieces
  12. I Got No Idols

The big seller.

Released with Juliana’s commercial appeal rising following the critical success of Hey Babe and her association with the lauded Evan Dando, this was the most anticipated release of her career to date. Many sublime moments (Feelin’ Massachusetts, This Is The Sound) and some twee (For The Birds). It closes with stronger songs and the PJ Harvey influenced Spin The Bottle works, despite the potentially disastrous title. Final track I Got No Idols remains one of Juliana’s classics.

Juliana’s work would never be released again against a background of so much analysis and pre-conceptions from the outside world. Whilst this would have commercial and personal implications and disputes with the music industry would remain in future years, her art has succeeded since.

A record which remains many fans' favourite album, not least as it was the record that introduced them to Juliana.

Select Magazine - September 1993

NME 1993

Lime Lizard - September 1993

A clip of Jules signing stuff to promote the album at Rhino Records, Westwood, CA, in October 1993. Via Eric Wolfe on YouTube.


Alternate Artwork

In August 2012 Juliana released hitherto unseen images of proposed/ alternate artwork for the album. The first is a photograph of her brother.